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About us

Tech HBK UG acts as German / Austrian & Swiss Representative of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions ( including Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics (, the Dublin based INNALABS Ltd (, which develops and manufactures Gyroscopes and Accelerometers, and the Swiss MSR Electronics GmbH ( with its innovative dataloggers. The entire product portfolio is ITAR-free.

R. Ossmann Rudolf Ossmann, LtCol (ret.) with 23 years of experience as Weapon Systems Officer on Phantom RF-4E and Tornado. Rudolf collected significant experience in leadership positions as Squadron Commander and as NATO staff officer in several international assignments including operational deployments with UNPROFOR, IFOR and SFOR.

After leaving the German Air Force, Rudolf was involved in several aviation projects, management functions and as a trainer for industrial education programs. As a co-founder and co-owner of Tech HBK UG he is also the Managing Director of the company, located at Hamburg.

R. Stuwe Rainer Stuwe, Commander (ret.), disposes of 21 years as a naval aviator. After graduating from the German Armed Forces University at Munich (Diploma in Aviation and Space Technology) he commanded for several years the Operational Evaluation Unit, organizing and conducting operational test campaigns, defining operational requirements and being involved in a variety of procurement programs. His final deployment was Section Leader in the German Naval Air Flotilla.

After 11 years as Product Manager in a medium size enterprise, Rainer joined Tech HBK UG as a co-owner.