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CW Air Data Computers & Crash Protected Recorders

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Curtiss-Wright Air Data Systems & Computers

Curtiss-Wright has been designing and manufacturing air data products since 1976 and offers air data computers and accessories to serve air data processing applications. These industry-leading products result from decades of experience, research and development effort to ensure the market is served with the latest technology in highly configurable, compact and reliable forms.

Curtiss-Wright air data systems are the primary air data computer for over 10,000 fixed and rotary wing vehicles. They measure static and total air pressure and provide altitude and airspeed information to the pilot, auto pilot and navigation systems.

Curtiss-Wright Crash Protected Recorders

Curtiss-Wright has been designing and manufacturing crash protected recorders (CPR) for over 60 years. They were the first to combine cockpit voice recorders (CVR) and flight data recorders (FDR) into a single unit and the first to achieve certification for a solid state model. Today Curtiss-Wright manufactures compact and lightweight CPRs that feature a hard mountable form factor, optional data acquisition capabilities and software configurable role select for further customizability.

P+G/CW Crash Protected Recorders feature:
  • Ultra compact design and low weight
  • Dual-redundant CVR/FDR architecture, which reduces risk of aircraft being grounded and halves the spares inventory cost
  • Optional data acquisition