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New products

InnaLabs® Ltd introduces Rugged, Built in Europe, ITAR-Free Accelerometers
InnaLabs® Ltd just introduced the newest additions to its series of Quartz Servo Accelerometers. Built in Europe, ITAR-Free and offering improved long term stability, the AI-Q-2010, AI-Q-1410 and AI-Q-710 are the latest addition to InnaLabs’ quality line of high performance accelerometers targeted for navigation, tactical, control and measurement applications in the Aerospace, Defence, Industrial, Transport and Civil Engineering markets.

Utilising state of the art Quartz Servo technology to provide high accuracy, repeatability and stability even in the harshest of environments and available with short lead times and competitive pricing, InnaLabs® accelerometers allow system designers to meet the increasing demand for greater accuracy and reliability across a broad range of applications.

Parvus DuraNet 20-11 – top selling miniature Gigabit Ethernet Switch
The Parvus DuraNET 20-11 miniature Gigabit Ethernet Switch is a true game changer in size weight and power reduction. This rugged switch is just 10in3 big, weighing around 0.5 lbs, and it's reduced size does not come at the cost of features. The DuraNET 20-11 includes 8 ports of fully managed, Layer 2 switching and static Layer 3 routing.

The DuraNET 20-11 has undergone comprehensive environmental and EMI qualification testing to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and DO-160 standards, guaranteeing stability and performance. It's a switch reduced in size, not capabilities! That makes it an ideal network backbone solution for unmanned air systems, helicopters, ground vehicles and other applications with SWaP, performance and reliability constraints.

All in a pocket sized unit that is 90% smaller and 50% lighter.

Detailed information can be found at: Link to cwcdefense